Otrais ISIDOG kongress Vīnē 26.-29.10.17.


Update of the 2d ISIDOG conference, held in Vienna from 26th October until 1st November 2015. Please pay your membership fees 2017-2019 first because you will have a dramatic reduction in the registration fee for the conference. Please remember you have to register first in order to be able to send abstracts. For residents there is a very dramatic registration fee.
3) Membership area of the website will provide you a) board meeting and country manager meeting reports, b) pictures from all our meetings, c) confidential texts of research manuscripts, reviews and guideline papers we are working on
Membership fee for ISIDOG members has remain the same (80€ for 2 years) and is due by the end of May. Please do it now, in order to have a 100€ reduction on the conference fee! So don't waste any more time and sign up now!
Warm regards,
Prof Dr Gilbert Donders
President ISIDOG

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